Our service operates repairing service for ROR / MERITOR disk brake axles  and drum brakes. Operations are performed with special tools and with a dedicated experts team.

For repairs on the rolling system with ROR / MERITORaxles, EURODEALER PARTS provides some packages that include the following repairs and parts:

  • FERODO kit ( brake linings ) x 3 pieces and and the related rivets or break pads for axles with disk brakes.
  • Grease bearings – RAVENOL – manufactured in Germany special for ROR axles
  • Grease lubrication
  • Labor for removal / reassembly wheels, drums, bearings and so on.
  • ABS or EBS diagnosis system with a special report for WABCO, KNORR-BREMSE or HALDEX systems
  • Checking brake pressure;
  • Fact finding sheets
  • Braking test with a specialised report.

Also, we may check the braking system tractor unit – semitrailer and adjust the predominance.


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