Our workshop provides service repairings for any superstructure. Our experts team may provide you some of the following operations:

  • Checking nuts for MV superstructure platformsuperstructure service
  • Checking leak oil tank oil
  • Checking oil level truck reducer left and right
  • Checking tighten nuts for superstructure platform
  • Checking platform cylinders – oil losses
  • Checking platform cylinder clamping
  • Checking the towing coupling wear
  • Towing coupling adjustment
  • Checking the bushing wear on the towing coupler
  • Checking hydraulic hoses – oil losses
  • Checking rear platform cylinder chains
  • Checking lateral / longitudinal chassis cracks
  • Checking truck and trailer superstructure controls
  • Checking the existence of grease at the superstructure control panel
  • Checking trailer-planer and oil level reducer
  • Checking the metallic safety nut on the platform
  • Checking the lower elevation trailer cushion

Alsowe may check the braking system tractor unit – semitrailer and adjust thepredominance.

For more information and scheduling for SUPERSTRUCTURE SERVICE you may call us:

+40749.102.973; +40749.102.523; +40749.102.050;  +40749.102.608.