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wabco-service-partner-micaEURODEALER PARTS SRL was started in 2005 and it has successfully imposed itself in the Romanian automotive market thanks to its seriousness, stability, professionalism and promptness attitude demonstrated in the relationship with its clients.

Eurodealer Parts operates as truck, bus and trailer service – all brands – but is also active in selling truck, bus and (semi) trailer spare parts.
Our service is located at the entry of Bucharest and the activity is spread over 2000 square meters area, on Preciziei Street no. 11, in 1-2-3 Halls, district 6, Militari (inside Inscut). The daily workflow is of at least 10-15 vehicles entered into service.

Our business is structured on different assets:

  • Trailers and semitrailer Workshop: SCHMITZ, KOGEL, KRONE, BPW, SAF, ROR S.S., etc;
  • Bus Workshop, all brands;
  • WABCO Service Center – authorized service;
  • Specialized workshop for body working and painting;
  • JOSAM wheel alignement;
  • Dealer: Official WABCO licensed dealer, KNORR-BREMSE dealer and aftermarket pieces;
  • Selling batteries, oils, filters.

Also, Eurodealer Parts is WABCO SERVICE PARTNER, RAR authorised by number 12889/22.11.2012, as well as WABCO licensed dealer for selling in Romania all types of WABCO spare parts for trucks, buses and semitrailers (all brands).


  • Short programming period – 1-2 days for revision or the same day in case of break down;
  • Subassembly substitutions on same day – very short time station of vehicle;
  • Subassembly parts regenerated with 12 months warranty;
  • Over 20 experts available daily in service;
  • Dealer and service WABCO authorized, FULL diagnosis for all WABCO system;
  • Mobile Workshop on the way – full European Standard;
  • Oil and lubrificant direct importers
  • JOSAM wheel alignement;
  • Full diagnosis on IVECO;
  • Full diagnosis on MERCEDES;
  • Full diagnosis on VOLVO and RENAULT TRUCKS – VCAS;
  • Full diagnosis HALDEX;
  • TEXA diagnosis software, which we can check HALDEX.
  • ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified.

Our Clients – More Than 10.000 Happy Customers:

Eurodealer Parts successfully worked with more than 10.000 clients and signed contracts for electrical, mechanical, truck body work and painting repairs with clients such as: ROMPREST; DUMAGAS; BUTAN GAS; FELBERMAYR; FOREST TRADING; LAUFER TRANSPORT; ENI ROMANIA; ALAS ROMANIA; CHIPITA ROMANIA; ASTALDI; ASTALROM; OTZ SPEDITION; SUPERCOM, and many others.

What we do:

Truck Service

In the electrical and mechanical workshop we do:

  • Mechanical and electrical reparation;
  • Specialized diagnosis with IVECO’s full software for the entire range over 3,5 tones;
  • Specialized diagnosis with Mercedes Benz ’s full software for the entire range over 3,5 tones;
  • Specialized diagnosis with VOLVO TRUCK ’s full software for the entire range over 3,5 tones;
  • Specialized diagnosis with RENAULT TRUCK ’s full software for the entire range over 3,5 tones;
  • Multibrand diagnosis with TEXA software for MAN, DAF and SCANIA
  • Parametrization and initialization of electronic system;
  • Specialised engine and gearbox reparation.

Trailers and semitrailers Service

Through this service we offer drivetrain reparation and electronic diagnosis for system as WABCO, KNORR-BREMSE and HALDEX. Then we can set up and parameterize correctly and efficiently the system.

We are WABCO AUTHORIZED SERVICE and KNORR-BREMSE SERVICE, as well as SERVICE CENTER (main service point for complex repairings).

Parts Dealer

We are importers of different Aftermarket manufacturers which equips all truck brands mentioned above, such as bodywork pieces. We have online access to their external stocks and it’s delivered with a medium lead time of 3-5 working days since the order confirmation day.

We import pieces from producers like SACHS, VALEO, LUK, COVIND (body work pieces), WABCO, KNORR-BREMSE, HALDEX, TEXTAR  and many more.


As WABCO Service Partner, EURODEALER PARTS is recognized at EUROPEAN level like a service that can solve any WABCO system’s problem and provides settlement in case of guarantees to all WABCO produces. We offer the MOBILE SERVICE for all clients who apply through WABCO network.  We are also direct importers for WABCO truck parts and we provide a NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION, inasmuch we are well known appreciated for our client oriented politics and the additional After Sales service offered.

In our service package we offer diagnosis and substitution of defected pieces and we guarantee to our clients the maximum comfort after buying WABCO products.

Another strength point of our company is the reduced lead time: if It’s in our stock we deliver in 24h, otherwise for parts that come from external warehouse we offer Urgent Delivery in 48h max.

Our experts use the licensed soft diagnosis WABCO – FULL SOFT  which allows us provide services like:

  • Finding faults in the electronic unit ECU
  • Erasing faults in the electronic unit ECU
  • Active diagnosis to verify ABS sensors and modulators
  • Saving ECU parameters
  • New electronic units – modulators reparametrization
  • Defective parts replacements (in warranty and after warranty)
  • Technical assistance on the way with Mobile Workshop
  • Curves electronic braking system tracing
  • Checking and downloading data recorded in ODR system – checking weight, time for EBS system operation, braking frequency.

Also, we may check the braking system tractor unit – semitrailer and adjust the predominance.

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Please visit www.piesewabco.ro for more details !


EURODELAER PARTS  is recognized at EUROPEAN level like a service that can solve any KNORR BREMSE system’s problem and provides settlement in case of guarantees to all KNORR-BREMSE produces. We offer the MOBILE SERVICE for all clients who apply through KNORR BREMSE network.

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Please visit www.pieseknorrbremse.ro for more details !


Workshop specialized on bodywork and painting

We work with the best tools:

  • ARGON welding machine;
  • AUTOGENOUS welding machine;
  • ALUMINIUM welding machine;
  • Ceiling pulling system and interior elements – without removing trim;
  • Straightening presses – complete set;
  • 3M painting products and STANDOX paint.

JOSAM Wheel Alignement

Our company may operate evaluation and  a large variety of tires adjustments for any kind of vehicles with more than 7,5 tons:

  • Checking convergence wheels
  • Checking caster angle
  • Checking cadar angle
  • Checking truck chassis
  • Checking semitrailer chassis
  • Checking bus chassis
  • Checking axles alignement BPW; SAF, MERCEDES-BENZ, SCHMITZ, SMB, etc.
  • Checking steering box deviations
  • Checking steering angle with steering axis
    SCHWARZMULLER with 1, 2, 3 or even more axles.



 Truck & Trailer Service Call-Center:

+ 40749.102.973; + 40749.102.621; + 40749.102.523;  + 40749.102.608.

E-mail: receptie@edparts.ro

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